Packaging offers a unique way to distinguish products and draw consumer attention at point-of-sale. Following more than two decades of growth, Containers Printers is proud to be the service partner of numerous global consumer brands in their advertising and marketing efforts. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality metal and plastic packaging products, our services span across various industries – from food and edible oil to personal and health care, from pharmaceutical and nutritional to even paint and chemicals.

We take immense pride in helping many local and multinational companies realize their advertising and marketing efforts through our services.

Containers Printers – make us your leading packaging solutions provider.

“Don’t just imagine. We’ll make your packaging idea a reality.”

"...Our strong investments over the past few years have resulted in
tremendous growth in our business, especially with our pharmaceutical and food industry customers. I am grateful to our customers for their trust and support and pleased that we have exceeded their expectations in both quality and service levels.

These achievements cannot be attained without our streamlined processes, technical expertise and most importantly our people. I am really proud of them.

Containers Printers will continue to grow with all our customers and diversify our product range, and anticipate their needs in advance. This will allow us to continue in our market leadership in our particular market segments with a view to reach even higher business milestones."

Cheo Ming You
Managing Director